Review by Mark E. Banchik

Collectors Club Philatelist

Abridged from the article published in the Sept/October 2021 Collectors Club Philatelist - Pg 312 to 314

Jon Krupnick’s latest publication is a welcome addition to your aerophilatelic library.


Before discussing the actual books, some background would be useful. Jon E. Krupnick is an experienced trial attorney who fully appreciates how to build a case (write a book) by use of linear logic (story), combined with progressive chain of evidence (research).


If taken alone, the actual sized reproduction (11 x 17 inch format) of Jon’s (10 frame) exhibit is well worth the ($120) purchase price. Addition of Whipple Hall Flight cover section … only adds to the usefulness of the overall of the overall work. The concluding bibliography and index take this work to a level where it is both pleasurable to pursue and useful as a study tool/reference.


The heart of this current volume is the exact reproduction (11 x 17 inch pages)(also available in smaller format 7.25 x 11inches) of Krupnick’s (10 frame) exhibit: Pan Am Clippers Conquer the Pacific: August 1933 to December 1941. For those who have not had the opportunity to visit the exhibit “in person,” the book is a well-reproduced version that is a pleasure to study….


The most useful sections of this ground breaking work are the actual scans, synopsis, added maps and “Whipple Hall’s Unique Flight Covers.” These sections, along with a very useful index and bibliography, help us to better appreciate Jon’s love and appreciation for these formative events. The scholarly approach and research involved show how well the story comes across.


Pan Am’s Final Flight, by Jon E. Krupnick, is an essential reference and study resource for the Pacific Clipper era.



Pan American’s Final Flight, by Jon E. Krupnick, 120 pages, plus XIV-page introduction, spiral bound, printed by Minuteman Press, Toledo Ohio: to order go to (11 x 17 $120 or 7.25x 11 $75 (Book received a Gold Medal at GASS in Chicago 2021)